ARRIS-clip thin stone polishes off USI addition in seamless fashion

Photo Credit: Cannon Design @cannondesign

University of Southern Indiana completes USI Arena Phase II with seamless continuation of ARRIS-clip (thin-clad) Rainscreen Stone on new Natatorium

The University of Southern Indiana chose ARRIS-clip (thin-clad) Stone for a state-of-the-art facility that honored the older stone buildings on campus and also set a new course for the school moving forward. Phase I initiated a pivotal project – expansion and renovation of the Physical Activities Center (PAC) and Arena to create a new facility meant to serve as a campus icon, enhancing student-athlete recruitment and bolstering athletics programs.

Phase II involved construction of a new natatorium that further boosts the resources and profile of USI athletics. The design intention for Phase II was to continue the exterior façade in thin stone for a seamless continuation of Phase I’s new Arena and PAC renovation. USI needed an exterior stone that could be sourced to exact specifications over the project’s multi-year time span. In addition to this aesthetic requirement, the exterior must withstand four-season weather, yet maintain a pristine appearance as an iconic complex.

Photo Credit: Cannon Design @cannondesign

Arriscraft’s unique calcium silicate stone offers the durability benefits of quarried stone because it is made with the same natural materials, sand and lime, so it never fades, shrinks or discolors. This high-performance stone was an ideal choice for USI’s new marquis athletic facility.

To create a completely seamless aesthetic, USI needed an exterior stone that would be perfectly consistent in terms of color and texture over a multi-year period. Because Arriscraft manufactures its stone, the product quality and appearance are highly controlled with near perfect outcomes, even years or decades apart. This is an important consideration for future projects.

Due to having expansive windows, the exterior stone for this USI project needed to be lightweight. And with any masonry exterior, installation costs are also a factor. This huge exterior project needed an efficient installation solution to meet budget constraints.

ABOVE: ARRIS-clip thin stone units install into a channel system. RIGHT: ARRIS-clip, Champagne in smooth and rocked finishes.

ARRIS-clip stone met the various design and budget requirements, including all-season performance and a zero-maintenance exterior. This design required lightweight stone due to the large ribbon windows; ARRIS-clip being 1/3 the weight of normal 4″ masonry veneer made it a viable option.

Thin ARRIS-clip stone tile units (1-3/8″) simply clip into an aluminum hanging system and Z-channel assembly creating a back drained and ventilated open rainscreen façade. Discrete girts and vertical mullions behind the stone achieved Energy Code compliance. Designers also chose a budget-wise installation, to soldier course the stone units (stand them vertically), thereby separating the channels and reducing channel material cost and also the labor to install.

Arriscraft’s ARRIS-clip innovative installation allowed designers to have great freedom in the design process. Distinctive angles, unlimited heights and detailed finishing were simple to achieve on the USI athletic facility buildings.

Photo credit: Cannon Design @cannondesign

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