Introducing Our Exciting Selection of Cambridge Thin Products!

We’re pleased to announce that the Cambridge, Ontario manufacturing plant now offers a whole new selection of thin products.
First, we have six brand new colours of the popular Midtown and Stack thin products. The new color selection, exclusive to the Cambridge facility, includes a broad color range and six standard colors: Blackcomb, Byward, Granville, Inglewood, Ville-Marie, and Yorkville.
We’re also excited about our newest Adair ® product – Adair ® Clip. These oversized pieces are a stunning addition to our product line.


We’ve renamed our popular ARRIS.stack to simply Stack and we now manufacture a Canadian line, in the same six colours as Midtown. Stack comes in three sizes (2-1/8″, 3-5/8″ and 5-13/16″) in random lengths of 4″ to 12″. This ledge style stone features a split face finish and is conveniently pre-blended for ashlar installation.


Midtown thin stone gives designers creative freedom; one size or any combination of sizes can be laid in a coursed fashion or two or three sizes can be combined in an ashlar configuration. Mortar joint installation and return corner units complete a full bed aesthetic. Midtown comes in random lengths and three face rises (2-1/8”, 3-5/8” and 5-13/16”), in a natural, split face finish.

Adair Clip

Adair® Clip is unlike any other stone cladding on the market. We’ve designed very large sheets, or panels, of limestone that clip into a channel system for an outstanding aesthetic. Not only does Adair® Clip offer a completely unique look – with panels up to six feet long – it’s also natural limestone which means its performance and durability is unmatched by concrete-based manufactured stone.
At 1-1/4″ thickness, Adair® Clip is designed for installation using the Gridworx® channel system. Three heights – 11-3/4″, 15-3/4″, 23-3/4″ – are available in lengths of 47-3/4″ and 71-3/4″ making this finished installation absolutely unique. Customers can choose from Blue-Grey or Sepia tones, in Fleuri or Veined patterns.